4 Module TV+FM/DAB+2xSAT Quadplexer

MK Electric
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MK 'Data' 4 Module TV+FM/DAB+2xSAT Quadplexer White

MK Modular Datacoms 4 Module TV - FM/DAB - 2 x SAT Quad Outlet

Quadplexer modulesare for connecting to a single co-axial aerial down lead carrying combined TV, FM, DAB and SAT signals. The filtering in the quadplexer splits out the appropriate signal and feeds it to the relevant output connection. A DC control path is provided in the SAT signal path through the quadplexer.

The K5854DAB is a fully screened TV and FM / DAB socket module, for connection to a TV coaxial aerial lead and radio lead carrying either an FM or Digital Radio (DAB) signal. Also known as a TV and FM / DAB quadplexer, the K5854 is a twin outlet audio visual module which is fully compatible with 'Labgear' distribution systems and is approved for use in 'Sky Homes'. It requires a 32mm box.

MK Modular Datacoms Range overview
The K5854DAB forms part of the MK Logic modular datacoms system; a highly versatile and easy to install range of TV, satellite, data, telephone and fm modules. It does not require a mounting frame as the modules simply clip directly into the face plate. Please see the 'Accessories' and 'More in This Category' tabs to see the range of MK datacoms modules and MK datacoms frames available to use with the K5854 DAB.

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Group: MK modular TV, FM, DAB, Satellite modules
Description: MK modular screened TV, DAB and Satellite socket / MK 2 module coaxial TV, FM/DAB, Satellite x 2 socket / TV /FM/DAB / Satellite quadplexer / TV - FM,DAB Quadplexer module
Code: MK K5854 DAB / MK K5854DAB white / K5854 Dab / MK K5854DAB WHI

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Brand MK Electric
Manufacturer's Part Number K5854DABWHI
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