Lutron RA2 Select In-line Wireless Dimmer Switch

Lutron RRK-R25NE-240 RA2 Select In-line Dimmer Module


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Lutron RA2 Select Inlne Wireless Dimmer Module RRK-R25NE-240


Lutron RA2 Select In-line Wireless Dimmer Module

The RA2 Select family of in-line dimmers and switches can control lighting and motor loads both locally and remotely when paired with Pico wireless controls or Radio Powr Savr occupancy / vacancy sensors. This provides a system that is convenient and easy to install. RA2 Select in-line load controls use Lutron patented Clear Connect RF technology which provides reliable, wireless communication with other RA2 Select devices. Each load control can be controlled individually using a Pico wireless control.  Using a RA2 Select main repeater allows devices to be part of a whole house solution that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.


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