QS Switch 8 Button + IR White

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Lutron QSWE-8BRLIRN-AW QS Switch 8 Button with Infra Red White

Lutron QS IR Wallstation 8 Button with Master Up & Down Arctic White

Primary Features
- Lutron European seeTouch QS 5-Button Wallstation has 5 buttons plus Raise and Lower buttons for lighting and shading control and 2 contact closure input connections
- Often used to select 7 light scenes and All Off, IR Remote Control plus master dim up & down
- Use with Lutron Grafik Eye QS light scene and shading controllers
- Power up to 3 seeTouch QS wallstations directly off 1 Lutron Grafik Eye QS unit. To power 12 additional Wallstations use Auxiliary Power Supply - TU240-15DC-9-BL
- Backlit buttons with optional engraving make it easy to find and operate the Wallstation in low light conditions

Light Control Features
- Recalls preset light levels for scenes (1 - 7 and All Off; 5 - 8 and All Off; 9 - 12 and All Off; or 13 - 16 and All Off)
- Each button will toggle a zone or a group of zones
- Master raise/lower brightens or dims all lighting in the last selected light scene
- Recalls preset light levels for 4 scenes plus Off with 4-scene IR Wireless Remote Control
- Recalls preset light levels for 8 scenes plus Off with 8-scene IR Wireless Remote Control

Contact Closure Features
- Receives up to two contact closure inputs via a connector on the back of the seeTouch QS wallstation
- When keypad is programmed as scene or zone toggle, input 1 closure will perform the top button action, and input 2 closure will perform the bottom button action
- When keypad is programmed as a partition control, input 1 controls the partition programmed to the top button (closure = close partition; opening = open partition) and input 2 controls the partition programmed to the bottom button (closure = close partition; opening = open partition)

Sivoia QS Shade Control Features
- Used to control multiple groups of shades independently from a single-gang keypad (e.g., a window with a sheer shade and a blackout shade)
- Pressing the Open (or Close) button once will cause the window treatments to move to their fully open (or closed) position. Tap any button (regardless of function) to stop a shade that is in motion
- Master raises/lower opens and closes all assigned shades in the last selected scene
- Control shades with IR Wireless Remote Controls; SVQ-3PIT, SVQ-OCIT, SVQ-4GD-OCIT, and SVQ-4S2G-IT.

Product Data
Brand Lutron
Manufacturer's Part Number QSWE-8BRLIRN-AW
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