QS DALI Energi Savr Node

Lutron QSNE-2DAL-D DALI ESN Controller


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Lutron ESN QSNE-2DAL-D 4 Zone Energi Savr Node


Lutron QS ESN Energi Savr Node 4 Zone 10a Relay

The Lutron QS Energi Savr Node (ESN) is modular din rail mounted DALI lighting controller. The QSNE-2DAL-D supplies power for two independant DALI Buses with a maximum of 64 ballasts. This ESN can also supply power to occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, IR receivers and QS devices. Each of the Dali buses can provide power for up to 16 zones. This unit feautes a built in memory backup which retains programming in the event of power failure.  

• 220-240 V~ 50/60 Hz, max current draw 100 mA
• Lightning strike protection meets ANSI/IEEE standard 62.31-1980. Can withstand voltage surges of up to 6 000 V~ and current surges of up to3 000 A.
• DALI Bus Output: 18 V- 250 mA maximum per bus

• IEC 60669-2-1
• Lutron Quality Systems registered to ISO 9001.2008.
• For commercial use, Class A only.

• Ambient Temperature Operating Range: 0 ºC to 40 ºC.
• Relative humidity: less than 90% non-condensing.
• For indoor use only.

• Mains wiring: 1.0 mm2 to 4.0 mm2
• DALI Bus Wiring: 1.0 mm2 to 4.0 mm2
• QS Link Wiring: 0.5 mm2 to 4.0 mm2
• Input Wiring: 0.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2

• Intended to mount within an IP20 (minimum) rated consumer panel or breaker panel with integrated DIN rail and dead cover.
• Width = 9 modules (161.7 mm).

Programming Requirements
• An Apple iPod touch or iPhone mobile digital device with the Energi Savr app is required for programming Energi Savr NodeT systems.
• The Energi Savr app is available from the App Store online store.
• The Energi Savr app cannot be used to program the Energi Savr NodeT units when installed as part of a QuantumR system.
• The Apple iPod touch or iPhone communicates with the Energi Savr NodeT unit via a WiFi router (not included).
• See “Wiring: System Programming Connection” section for further information.

DALI Buses
• Up to 64 DALI compliant loads on each bus can be addressed and grouped into 16 zones.
• Energi Savr NodeT unit supplies 250 mA to power each bus.
• DALI Bus wires are polarity insensitive and topologyfree.

QS Link Limits
• A QS link can have up to 100 zones (outputs) and 100 devices.
• Each Energi Savr NodeT unit counts as one device toward the 100 device limit.
• Each assigned zone counts toward the 100 zone limit.
• Each Energi Savr NodeT (QSNE-2DAL-D) unit can supply 3 power draw units. Refer to the QS Link Power Draw Units specification submittal (Lutron PN 369405) for more information concerning Power Draw Units.

QS Link Sensor Limits:
• 100 wired or wireless occupancy sensors.
• 100 wired or wireless daylight sensors.
• 100 wired wallstations or PicoR wireless controllers.

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