Grafik Eye QS 4 Zone Lighting & Blind Controller

Lutron QSGRK-4PCE Grafik Eye QS 4 Zone Lighting & Blind Conroller


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Lutron QSGRK-4PCE Grafik Eye QS 4 Zone Lighting & Blind Conroller QSGRK-4PCE


Lutron Grafik Eye QS 4 Zone Phase Control

Faceplate Sold Separately.

500w per channel, 2000w total. 239 X 119 X 46.

The new Grafik Eye QS range of intelligent lighting controls allows you to save energy and incorporate natural light into your lighting scenes through the use of blinds.

Control Lights

- Select 4 preset scenes directly from a GRAFIK Eye unit.
- Incandescent, Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage, Neon, Cold Cathode, and 0-10v Extra Low Voltage
- Select up to 12 additional scenes from remote wallstations or controls.
- Automatically offer different scene choices based on partition position.
- Set the light level for each zone independently for each scene.
- Save energy by using only the light you need.
- Occupancy sensors turn lights down or off when rooms are not in use.

Control Electronic Blinds
- Incorporate natural light, through the use of blinds in your lighting scenes.
- Reduce solar heat load and fabric fade by raising blinds only when a room is in use.
- Adjust blinds differently for video presentations, group discussions, and detail work.
- Interfaces can link any GRAFIK Eye QS unit to automated shades.

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