QS Faceplate Kit 1 Blind Zone White

Lutron QSGFP-1TWH QS Faceplate Kit 1 Blind Zone White


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Lutron QSGFP-1TWH QS Faceplate Kit 1 Blind Zone White QSGFP-1TWH


Lutron Grafik Eye QS Faceplate Kit with 1 Shade Zones in White with Translucent Top

QSGRK-4PCE (mains power base control unit, 4 zone phase control)
QSGRK-6PCE (mains power base control unit, 6 zone phase control)

The new Grafik Eye QS range of intelligent lighting controls allows you to save energy and incorporate natural light into your lighting scenes through the use of blinds.

Control Lights

- Select 4 preset scenes directly from a GRAFIK Eye unit.
- Incandescent, Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage, Neon, Cold Cathode, and 0-10v Extra Low Voltage
- Select up to 12 additional scenes from remote wallstations or controls.
- Automatically offer different scene choices based on partition position.
- Set the light level for each zone independently for each scene.
- Save energy by using only the light you need.
- Occupancy sensors turn lights down or off when rooms are not in use.

Control Electronic Blinds
- Incorporate natural light, through the use of blinds in your lighting scenes.
- Reduce solar heat load and fabric fade by raising blinds only when a room is in use.
- Adjust blinds differently for video presentations, group discussions, and detail work.
- Interfaces can link any GRAFIK Eye QS unit to automated shades.