Sheer Satin Steel 20a Double Pole Switch

Sheer Satin Steel 20a Double Pole Switch with White Inserts


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Hamilton 84DPSS/WH Sheer Satin Steel 20a Double Pole Switch with White Inserts 84DPSS/WH


Hamilton Sheer Satin Stainless Steel Flat Plate 1 Gang 20amp Double Pole Switch with White Inserts

When installing permanently wired appliances in your home, it is necessary to have a way of isolating them from the mains. Be it in your kitchen or elsewhere, certain appliances like water heaters draw more current and require a switch that can handle the extra amperage involved. The Hamilton Sheer 84DPSS-W 1 gang 20amp double pole switch is ideal for this task, all the while matching up with the rest of the Sheer range.  

The double pole operation of the 84DPSS-W is what sets it apart from a regular switch. Both the live and neutral connections are terminated when switched off, completely isolating tha appliance to allow for maintainance or if there is a fault. WIth its stainless steel face plate and matching rocker switch with white inserts, it just looks like a regular lightswitch, discreet and functional. 

As with all Hamilton ranges, the Sheer Satin Steel is an extensive family, incorporating everything from switches and shaver sockets to TV, phone and data. If there is something out of the ordinary you require, it's bound to be available in the modular ranges so with the matching Euro and Grid plates you can be sure that all your satin steel switchgear is coordinated and complimenting your home.

Technical Specification
- Plate Size: 85 x 85mm
- Plate Depth: 1.5mm
- Min Wall Box Depth: 35mm
- Description: Hamilton Sheer Satin Stainless Steel 1 Gang 20amp Double Pole Switch with White Inserts


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