Mercury MDP24X600+6X3AR 24 Channel Dimmer Pack

Hamilton Mercury 30 Channel Digital Dimming and Relay Pack


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Hamilton MercuryMDP24X600+6X3AR 30 Circuit Dimming Control Pack


Hamilton MDP24X600+6X3AR
Mercury 24 circuit dimming control pack with 6 additional 3 amp relays 

Technical Specification

- Input 220/240V
- 24 x Dimming channels rated to 600w  
- 6 x 3Amp Relay
- MCB protected circuits
- Wiring: CAT 5/6 UTP cable (unscreened 4x twisted pairs) - CAT 5/6 STP cable (screened 4x twisted pairs)
- Network: 10 Mbps RJ45
- Loads: Resistive low voltage with selected Transformers and selected LED's 
- Dimensions: 457mm x 205mm x 78mm
- British Standard: BS EN 60669-2-1

LED Dimming:

Dimming LED's can be a tricky business and results can vary massively between the type of bulb and dimmer you choose. Hamilton recommends that when you LED's you de-rate each circuit by 75%. In other words, no more than 150w of LED can be used on a 600w dimmer. We highly recommend that dimmer and bulb compatibility is sought prior to purchase and installation.