Mercury 7WCDK1 4 Channel Dimmer Pack

Hamilton Mercury 4 Circuit Dimming Control Pack with Touch Screen Keypad


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Hamilton Mercury HAM 7WCDK1 4 Circuit Wireless Dimming Control Pack


Hamilton 7WCDK1
Mercury Dimming Control Pack and Touch Screen Keypad

If you're looking for the latest and smartest way to control your lighting then look no further than Hamilton's Mercury Lighting control. The Mercury system has been designed with one thing in mind, the end user. It has been built with a certain class and distinction that really sets Hamilton apart from the rest. Whether it be the back end controls through to the customisable keypads you'll use every day, every aspect has been meticulously designed to suit any enviroment.  

This particular Mercury dimming pack offers four 600w (150w LED) dimmable circuits and and additional volt free contact which allows you to switch non dimmable components such as extractor fans. Each circuit is individually protected by an MCB (miniature circuit breaker) and a mains switch isolator. This ensures that each circuit is fully protected in the event  of a fault and gives the piece of mind that it's all off if you want to change a bulb. 

Touch Screen Control
As if Hamilton's range of switches and sockets wasn't spectacular enough this system is supplied with the Mercury full colour touch screen keypad. The touch screen allows full access to the lighting and audio settings. It is finished classey Hartland screwless white plastic. As an added bonus, Hamilton will supply a the face plate in a finish of your choosing free of charge. Simply fuill in the voucher enclosed and return it to Hamilton. 

Additional Control Types
The keypads are available in almost any finsh. Whether is be minimal matt white, classy Piano Black or the invisible Perception range you're sure to find the perfect look. Please contact us for custom finishes and keypad configurations.  

- Momentary: Retractive rocker or push to make switch
- Infra-Red Receiver: Plate with receiver only
- Scene-Set: With integral IR receiver via capacitive touch plate or illuminated switch plate
- Infra-red hand-set: Allowing scene recall and individual circuit control. Also controls audio system
- PIR Motion Detector: Detects movement/no movement, adjusts lighting accordingly 

System Set up and Configuration
- The simple DIP switch set up allows the installer to link multiple dimmer packs together to additional circuits in a larger installations. In most instances there is no need for complex programming or even the need to use a laptop or end user software.
- In larger installations such as hotels, bars and restaurants where multi-channel configurations are required it is possible to network dimming/switched systems together. The Mercury installer software gives access to the many features embedded in the system allowing configuration.

Technical Specification
- Input 220/240V
- 4 x MCB protected channels rated to 600w + 1 volt free relay
- Wiring: CAT 5/6 UTP cable (unscreened 4x twisted pairs) - CAT 5/6 STP cable (screened 4x twisted pairs)
- Network: 10 Mbps RJ45
- Loads: Resistive low voltage with selected Transformers and selected LED's 
- Dimensions: 457mm x 205mm x 78mm
- British Standard: BS EN 60669-2-1

LED Dimming:

Dimming LED's can be a tricky business and results can vary massively between the type of bulb and dimmer you choose. Hamilton recommends that when using LED's you de-rate each circuit by 75%. In other words, no more than 150w of LED can be used on a 600w dimmer. We highly recommend that dimmer and bulb compatibility is sought prior to purchase and installation. 


Hamilton Mercury Wireless 4 Circuit Dimming Control Pack with Touch Screen Keypad

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