Hartland Stainless Steel TV Socket

Hartland Stainless Steel TV Socket with White Inserts


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Hamilton 74TVWH Hartland Stainless Steel TV Socket with White Inserts 74TVWH


Hamilton Hartland Satin Stainless Steel TV Socket with White Inserts

With the advent of digital and satellite television, you would be forgiven for thinking there wasn't much use for the humble TV socket these days. That is however, not the case. Not only does freeview still use the same coaxial connection, the 74TVW can also be used to connect FM and DAB radio signal around your home. As it's still a modern requirement in some installations, why not have it match the rest of your Hamilton Hartland switches and sockets, rather than the nasty old white plastic one that has been there since your house was built?

Manufactured in the UK from the finest components available, the Hartland 74TVW is a female coaxial outlet socket that will accept a standard male IEC 61169-2, otherwise known as a Aerial connector. Satin stainless steel face plate is pressed from high grade steel.  

As with all Hamilton ranges, the Hartland Satin Steel is an extensive family, incorporating everything from light switches and dimmers to data, phone and 3 pole isolators. If there is something out of the ordinary you require, it's bound to be available in the modular ranges so with the matching Euro and Grid plates you can be sure that all your satin steel switchgear is coordinated and complimenting your home.

Technical Specification
- Plate Size: 88 x 88mm
- Plate Depth: 4.2mm
- Min Wall Box Depth: 25mm
- Description: Hamilton Hartland Satin Stainless Steel TV Socket with White Insert.


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