Hager 20 Way Duplex Consumer Unit

Hager 20 Way Duplex Metal Consumer Unit

HAG VML11010

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Hager VML11010 20 Way Dual row Metal Consumer Unit


Hager 20 Way Duplex Consumer Unit with Main Switch VML11010


From Hager's 'Design 10' range, the VML11010 20 way dual row consumer unit is supplied empty with the 100A main switch and offers two banks of 10 ways which would commonly be loaded with RCBOs. Of course, if circuit design allows, you can use RCD and 18 x MCBs.

Either of these configurations will ensure that the installation complies with the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. Manufactured from steel and finished in high gloss white, the VML11010 is fully amendment 3 compliant, will give years of service and looks great.

Key Features:
Both 17th Edition and Amendment 3 compliant
Multiple fixing points
No restrictions under the DIN rail
Cable entries positioned for easy access to devices
Entry protectors prevent damage to cable caused by sharp edges
Rear cutouts optimised to give neater installation
Terminal bars are top mounted allowing for easy cable dressing - fully rated to 100A
'Snap-able' bus bar means one less tool and speeds up install
5 star rating from 9 customer reviews

Hager VML11010 Review
"Duplex boards are becoming increasingly popular. As domestic electrics become more complex with the growth of building management systems, automation and fire and security systems, circuit design calls for greater degrees of separation. Homeowner and electricians are therefore choosing to load large boards with RCBOs, when maybe five years ago they would have used a dual RCD board. Also available in 28 way and 40 way configurations, the VML range from Hager is our best selling duplex board."

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