Hager Duplex 38 Way High Integrity Metal Consumer Unit

Hager 18th Ed Consumer Unit 38 Way High Integrity Dual 100a RCD


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VML91820CU Hager 38 Way Consumer Unit 18th Edition


Hager 38 Way High Integrity Duplex Consumer Unit VML91820CU


From Hager's 'Design 10' range, the High Integrity VML91820CU 38 way consumer unit is designed for use in very large domestic projects. It allows for both MCB and RCBO protected circuits, thus giving excellent separation for your critical circuits which avoids nuisance tripping. It is fully configurable meaning there is no limit on the number of RCBOs you put on the main switch, or the number of MCBs you put on the first RCD. The top row accommodates 18 usable ways split over the main switch and RCD, whilst the bottom row holds 20 usable ways on the other RCD. It is supplied with 100a Main Switch and 2 x 100a RCDs.

Key Features:
Both 18th Edition and Amendment 3 compliant
Multiple fixing points
No restrictions under the DIN rail
Cable entries positioned for easy access to devices
Entry protectors prevent damage to cable caused by sharp edges
Rear cutouts optimised to give neater installation
Terminal bars are top mounted allowing for easy cable dressing - fully rated to 100A
'Snap-able' bus bar means one less tool and speeds up install
5 star rating from 86 customer reviews

Hager VML91820CU Gil-Lec Review
"An excellent board for larger projects. These days, larger modern houses use electricity for a wide variety of applications including security systems, home cinemas, intelligent lighting controls, multi-room audio systems and workshops. This requires a much higher degree of circuit separation than twenty or even just ten years ago, when most houses just required lighting and ring main circuits with the odd 40amp breaker. The VML91820CU offers excellent circuit separation with no limit on the number of RCBOs on the main switch. A really well designed board that has loads of working space for the installer and looks great or the home owner."

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