Founded in 1990 FEGIME is a European-wide group of electrical wholesalers whose members collaborate to improve all aspects of business. The name was agreed in 1993 at the Berlin congress between members from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK. It stands for Fédération Européenne des Grossistes Indépendants en Matériel Electrique.

Over the coming years many more nations joined including Holland, Ireland, Portugal and Poland. As of 2018 FEGIME boasts 18 national organisations comprising 230 members with over 1,150 branches who are active over 27 national markets.

FEGIME is principally made up of family owned businesses.

Head Office

Nuremburg, Germany

Countries covered by FEGIME members

1989–1990: France & Spain

1990–1993: Germany, Italy & UK

1994: The Netherlands

2003: Ireland

2004: Portugal

2005: Poland

2006: Norway

2007: Hungary

2008: Romania

2009: Russia, Ukraine, Finland & Baltics

2013: Greece & Israel

2015: France

2018: Denmark

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