Cbus 5 Amp Dimmer

Cbus L5104D5 5 Amp Dimmer

CB L5104D5

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Cbus L5104D5 5 Amp Dimmer CB L5104D5


Clipsal C-Bus L5104D5
CBus 4 Channel Leading Edge Dimmer 5 amp

C-Bus L5104D5 Overview
The C-Bus 4 channel dimmer units are panel mounted units employing leading edge phase control circuitry, with soft start for dimming control. These dimmer units feature learn mode, local and remote overrides for on/off control, channel, C-Bus and unit status indicators.

Each dimmer channel is rated at 5 Amps and is suitable for incandescent and low voltage lighting using magnetic and leading edge compatible transformers. Software algorithms found in the units, continuously monitor the incoming line voltage and automatically compensate for any changes in the voltage level by adjusting the output drive to the load. In addition frequency-tracking algorithms ensure fl icker free operation and smooth dimming control.

The dimmer is constructed from an oversized, rugged, anodized aluminum heat sink to dissipate any heat build-up in the unit. In addition, the dimmers employ thermal overload and overcurrent protection, to protect the dimmer and load in case of a fault condition. The dimmer units source 60mA to the C-Bus network, which means for small networks additional C-Bus power supplies are not required.

CBus 4 Channel Professional Dimmer Technical Information
Catalogue Number L5104D5
Line Supply Voltage 220-240VAC
Supply Frequency 47-53Hz and 57-63Hz
Frequency Drift 3Hz/minute (maximum)
Frequency Step Change 0.1Hz (maximum)
C-Bus Supply Voltage 15-36VDC @ 0mA
Load Rating per Channel 5A
Overcurrent Shutdown 6A
Minimum Load 100W per channel
Current Sensing 5 - 100% of full rated load, 5% accuracy
Control Range 2 - 98%
Compatible Loads Incandescent and low voltage lighting. Suitable for use
with leading edge compatible electronic transformers.
C-Bus Source Current 60mA
Maximum Number of Units on 30
a Single C-Bus Network
Status Indicators Channel Status (4), Unit and C-Bus
Warm Up Time 5 seconds
Network Clock Software selectable
Network Burden Software selectable
C-Bus Termination 4 way removable screw terminal
Load Termination 2 x 2.5mm2 or 1 x 4mm2
Auxiliary Contacts Normally open, 2.5A, 240VAC voltage free, resistive
Operating Temperature Range 0?C to 45?C
Operating Humidity Range 0 - 95% RH, non-condensing

CBus L5104DS Product Features
- Provides 4 x 5A channels of dimming control
- Programmable via the learn mode feature or using the C-Bus Toolkit Software
- Programmed variables are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained in case of loss of mains or C-Bus power
- Local and remote on/off control independent of C-Bus communications
- Programmable power up state following power cycling
- Logic states (max/min) programmable using the C-Bus Toolkit Software
- Employs frequency-tracking algorithms for smooth fl icker free operation
- Soft start on power up, for increased lamp life
- Features auxiliary contacts which close on thermal overload or overcurrent condition
- RCM (Australia/New Zealand), CE (European Community) compliant

Group : Clipsal Cbus Home Automation / Building Management Systems
Range : Clipsal Cbus Output Units
Sub Cat: Clipsal CBus Dimmers
Code : Cbus L5104D5
Description : Cbus 4 Channel Dimmer Powered / Clipsal Cbus 4 Channel Dimmer Powered


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