Cbus Computer Network Interface

Cbus E5500CN Computer Network Interface

CB E5500CN

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Cbus E5500CN Computer Network Interface CB E5500CN


Clipsal C-Bus E5500CN

CBus Computer Network Interface

C-Bus E5500CN Overview

The C-Bus Computer Network Interface (CNI) is a C-Bus system device designed to provide an isolated communications path between an Ethernet 10Base-T Network and a C-Bus Network. This allows high-speed control and monitoring of a C-Bus installation via the TCP/IP protocols used in computer networks and by the Internet.

The CNI is a nearly instantaneous connection to a C-Bus network. It provides a gateway between high-speed, high bandwidth Ethernet communication and the robust, timetested Clipsal C-Bus Automation System. System integrators and installers can program a C-Bus network remotely without the need for transporting a PC to the local C-Bus network and connecting via the serial port.

With the CNI, the network can be as close as the nearest Ethernet connection. In addition to programming, the CNI provides similar convenience for third party applications to issue commands to a C-Bus network and monitor the behavior of units on the network. The C-Bus Network Interface is assigned an IP address, just like a PC on a computer network. Once an IP address is assigned it is possible for a myriad of applications, applets and third party systems to send C-Bus commands to the C-bus network - all remotely, across buildings or across the country.

In addition to all these features, the CNI is a native C-Bus device that utilises the C-Bus protocol. The CNI can provide a system clock to synchronise all units on the network. The CNI can also ensure reliable communications on the network via the software selectable burden. The CNI does everything the C-Bus PC Interface does and more.

Group : Clipsal Cbus Home Automation / Building Management Systems

Range : Clipsal Cbus System Units

Code : Cbus E5500CN

Description : Cbus Network Interface / Clipsal Cbus Network Interface