Cbus Occupancy Sensor Indoor

Cbus 5751L Occupancy Sensor Indoor

CB 5751L

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Cbus 5751L Occupancy Sensor Indoor CB 5751L


Clipsal C-Bus 5751L
CBus Indoor Occupancy Sensor

C-Bus 5751L Overview
The C-Bus indoor occupancy sensors are surface mounted, input units used to detect movement by sensing natural thermal radiation emitted from any moving body. When movement is detected, the unit issues commands over the C-Bus network to control C-Bus output devices. In addition, the unit features a light level sensor to automatically switch lighting on, under low light conditions.

The sensor has a detection fi eld that covers an area up to 8.5 metres from the unit, with a fi eld of view of 90 degrees. The unit features a ' lens less' design with 12 overlapping zones forming a continuous detection fi eld, therefore resulting in uniform sensitivity across the whole of the detection fi eld, with no dead zones. This features allows the sensor to be ceiling or wall mounted. The sensor features learn mode, which permits the unit to be programmed without the need for a PC connected to the system. The sensor features an environmental rating of IP44 and is suitable for indoor applications. The sensor is designed for surface mount applications, and located in the corner of the room where detection is required.

C-Bus 5751L Technical Information
Code Number E5751L
Base, Mounting Centres 60.3mm
C-Bus Supply Voltage 15-36VDC @ 18mA
Timer Range Programmable, 1 sec - 18 hrs
Timer Resolution 1 sec
Light Threshold Adjustment User adjustable, 1 Lux to full sunlight
Mounting Height 2.4m nominal, (2.0 to 3.2m)
Field of View 90 degrees
Detection Area 6m x 6m
Maximum Number of Units on 100
a Single C-Bus Network
Status Indicator Walk test LED
Warm Up Time 5 seconds
IP Rating IP44
C-Bus Termination Fly lead x 2
Operating Temperature Range 0?C to 45?C
Operating Humidity Range 0 - 95% RH, non-condensing

- Programmable by learn mode or using the C-Bus Toolkit Software
- Programmed variables are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained in case of loss of mains or C-Bus power
- Programmable walk test LED for commissioning
- User adjustable light level threshold, from low light (1 Lux) to full sunlight
- Dual element detectors to minimise false triggering.
- Optical bandpass fi lter minimises unwanted heat sources from triggering the circuitry
- C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand), CE (European Community) compliant

Group : Clipsal Cbus Home Automation / Building Management Systems
Range : Clipsal Cbus Intelligent Units
Sub Cat: Clipsal CBus Sensors
Code : Cbus 5751L
Description : Cbus Indoor Occupancy Sensor / Clipsal Cbus Motion Sensor Indoor 90 degree