Cbus Saturn Switch US/Aus 5 Gang Cream DLT

Cbus 5085DL380 Saturn Switch US/Australia 5 Gang Cream DLT

CB 5085DL380

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Cbus 5085DL380 Saturn Switch US/Australia 5 Gang Cream DLT CB 5085DL380


Clipsal C-Bus 5085DL380
CBus Dynamic Labelling 5 Gang Key Input US/Australian Standard

C-Bus 5085DL380 Overview
The Australian/US Standard Saturn Series dynamic label technology switches are learn enabled surface switches designed to control lighting and other electrical services connected to a C-Bus network. The dynamic labelling technology allows the function of the key to be programmed and displayed onto an LCD display next to the switch button.

The display found on the DLT switch, supports multi language text and user defi ned bitmaps, such as sliders and bar graphs. The LCD display incorporates back lighting that can be enabled for night operation. In addition, the DLT switch features a page scroll button that permits the user to navigate between pages, to access all control options. Key input units are fully programmable and may be confi gured as toggle, dimmer, timer or scene control type functions.
With C-Bus switches it is possible to realise multi-way, multi-function switching or dimming control.

The Saturn dynamic label switches feature a glass fascia and are available in a range of colour backgrounds, including white, black, light brown and cream. Key input units communicate with all other units and obtain power via a single twisted pair of connections to the C-Bus unit. In the event of C-Bus power failure, non-volatile memory retains all programmed information relating to the unit's operating status.

C-Bus 5085DLGF Technical Information
C-Bus Supply Voltage 15-36V DC @ 22mA
Maximum Number of Units on 50
a Single C-Bus Network
Button Indicator Programmable, Blue
Timer Range 1 sec to 18 hrs
Timer Resolution 1 sec
Dimmer Control 255 possible levels
Number of Scenes 8
Standard Colours White and Black
Warm Up Time 5 seconds
Operating Temperature Range 0?C to 45?C
Operating Humidity Range 10 - 95% RH

Product Features of the CBus Dynamic Labelling 5 Gang Key Input
- 5 buttons (Australian/US standard)
- Features blue light indicator with night light function
- Supports text labels and user defi ned bitmaps
- Ignore fi rst press option
- Fallback to page 1 option
- Programmable using learn mode or via the C-Bus configuration software
- Programmed variables are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained in case of loss of C-Bus power
- Compatible with mounting accessories found in United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and other regions
- C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand), CE (European Community) compliant

Group : Clipsal Cbus Home Automation / Building Management Systems
Range : Clipsal Cbus Australian /CBus US Saturn Switches / Clipsal C-Bus Dynamic Labelling Range
Code : Cbus E5085DL380
Description : Cbus US 5 Gang Saturn Dynamic Key Input / Cbus Australian 5 Gang Saturn Dynamic Switch