Blauberg CENTRIS-MEV-440 Centris MEV 440 Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

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Blauberg CENTRIS-MEV-440 Centris MEV 440 Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit


The CENTRIS-MEV unit is conceived for the extraction of stale air with variable flow rate CMV system in accordance with DIT n� 597R/18. It is a multi-position unit which can be installed horizontally and vertically, and is especially recommended for suspended ceilings thanks to its low height.

The Variable Flow Rate MEV system offers the flexibility to adjust the airflow rate based on the specific needs of a building or space, ensuring efficient and customized ventilation. Blauberg Centris Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit is a high-quality product designed to provide centralized extraction and ventilation, effectively removing stale air and maintaining a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

Key Features

  • Very compact and light (manufactured in engineering polymer).
  • Extraction flow rate up to 440 m�/h and pressure up to 350 Pa.
  • One 160 mm diameter exhaust outlet, with low load loss, meaning low noise and low consumption.IP X4 protection rating.
  • Speed regulation by cable or control (optional).
  • Energy class B in accordance with EC regulation No 1253/2014.0-10 V Control (CO2 sensor).Interior use only.
  • Silent and low consumption operation.
  • 360� adjustable openings with maximum airtightness.
  • Fast, simple and multi-position installation.
  • Fixing system included with anti-vibration rubber bushing.
  • One 125 mm diameter connection to kitchen and one 160 mm diameter exhaust outlet.
  • Four 80 mm diameter connections for bathroom and toilet extraction.
  • Removable cover to facilitate maintenance.
Product Data
Brand Blauberg
Manufacturer's Part Number CENTRIS-MEV-440
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