Aico EI128R Relay

Aico EI128R Relay


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Aico EI128R Relay EI128R


Aico EI128R Relay

The Aico EI128 Relay is designed for use with the Aico 2100, 160RC, 140 or 260 ranges. Connecting up to 12 devices the relay transforms separate alarms into a complete fire protection system including smoke alarms, heat alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

The Ei128R relay module runs on 230V AC mains power, but featuring a set of Volt Free contacts (Normally Open and Normally Closed as standard) it can be configured to give either 230V or 24V output using an external 24V supply.

It is designed to fit underneath any smoke or heat alarm, however a cover (Ei128COV) is available as an option if there is a need for siting the unit remotely and has additional trunking knock outs for ease of wiring.

• On receiving a signal from the alarm system, the relay contacts will be operated causing a signal to be sent to the device to which it is connected
• The Ei128R can be used to switch into a range of devices, ranging from indicating lights to magnetic door holders 
• When modified for a 230V or 24V output, they can operate a range of different devices
• The module can be switched to give a Pulse output, or Continuous output for different applications