Varilight V-Pro LED Dimmer Module

VARILIGHT V-Pro Intelligent Dimmer Module


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Varilight V-Pro ZOJP250 Intelligent Dimmer


VARILIGHT V-Pro Intelligent LED Dimmer Module

The V-Pro LED dimmer module is a trailing edge dimmer switch module that can be used to upgrade or modify existing dimmer switches.
 offers superior dimming technology to deliver the best possible dimming performance for a given load. The ZOJP V-Pro dimmer has a push-on/push-off switch action with rotary dimming. You can change the driving modes and adjust the minimum brightness with pushes of the dimmer control and using signals from the lamps. V-Pro dimmers are designed to control LED lighting loads requiring trailing-edge or leading-edge control with options from 0W-120W (max. 10 LEDs) and from 10W-300W (max. 30 LEDs, 3-Gang max 250W). 

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