MK Spur + Neon + Base Outlet - Deep Plate

MK Logic Unswitched Spur + Neon + Base Outlet - Deep Plate


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MK Logic K377WHI Unswitched Spur + Neon + Base Outlet - Deep Plate K377WHI



MK Logic Connection Unit (or 'Fused Spur')
Unswitched 13 amp + Neon

MK Fused Spur Connection Units have the following benefits and features:

1. A screwless cord grip automatically clamps and securely holds the cable in connection units with base and front flex outlets.
2. MK Switched units are double pole with neutral contacts 'making' before and 'breaking' after live contacts. Rockers with built-in indicators are available.
3. When servicing or repairing appliances, MK fuse carriers remain attached to the frontplate when opened and can be padlocked for safety.
4. An optional tamperproof screw is particularly useful for appliances in public areas.
5. In-line terminals, backed out captive terminal screws and clear marking make wiring up MK connection units easy.

We stock a wide range of MK Logic wiring accessories, but if you cannot find the MK Socket, MK Switch, MK Fused Spur or any other MK Logic Wiring accessory, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will add the desired Mk item to our MK Logic Range.