Martindale Multi Function Tester

Martindale VR2250 Multi Function Tester


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Martindale VR2250 Multi Function Tester MARTINDALE VR2250


Martindale VR2250

This is Martindale's flagship multi-tasking all-in-one 17th edition tester. Incorporating all of the functions of the VERITEST 2240, with the added functionality of a power analyser and earth resistivity and environmental tests.

This is a fully specified instrument that not only offers powerful testing capabilities to the electrician, but also is an invaluable tool for power, distribution, environmental and cabling organisations alike.

While power analysis used to be a specialist function of high end equipment, energy analysis and cost saving are now day-to-day concerns and every electrician needs to do simple power consumption estimates and simple meter accuracy checks.

A calibration certificate is included.