JCC Deck Light Kit White x 5 lights IP65

JCC Deck Light Kit White x 5 lights IP65 JC71054


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JCC Deck Light Kit White x 5 lights IP65 JC71054 JC71054


JCC JC71054 White

JCC 240v LED Stainless Steel Decking Light Kit IP65 White

Fitting Diameter: 40mm
Recess Depth: 55mm
Cut Out: 35mm

- 5 Light LED Decking Light Kit.
- This marker light kit offers exceptional light output for just 0.5w per fitting.
- The kit contains 5 x lights, 1 x LED driver and 2 x port connectors each fitted with 1m of cable.
- Each marker light is supplied with 2 meters of cable for connection to the port connector
- Lamps: Each fitting contains 6 integrated White LED chips

LED decking lights

LED decking lights are a relatively straightforward and effective way to illuminate your deck and indeed many other garden features. You should consider deck lighting to be used to accentuate and beautify your outdoor living space, rather than to be used source of light on its own. Using LED offers many benefits over traditional sources of lighting such as halogen and incandescent.

The most attractive feature of LED is its extremely low power output, with many fittings using just 1w each. Compare this to a traditional halogen light of 50w or more and both the cost and carbon savings can be huge. Additionally maintenance is normally no more than a wipe over with a damp cloth, as lamp life is often rated between 30,000-50,000 hours, offering years of hassle free use.

Another unique feature of LED is the cool burning technology used in the lamps, meaning that inquisitive fingers, feet and paws, won't be harmed when in direct contact with the fitting.

The range of decking light kits now available make installation simple and safe. If you are connecting your deck lights to an external power source, ensure that a suitable IP rated junction box is used to connect to the mains supply. Before cutting any holes in your deck or garden feature lay out the deck lights in situ to ensure you have enough cable to reach, and can obtain the desired lighting effect. Use a range of colours and fittings to highlights different areas or "zones" in your deck, for effective mood lighting.

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Description: JCC Outdoor Light / LED Decking Light / Stainless Steel Decking Light / Brushed Chrome Decking Light / Aluminium Ground Light / Charon Deck Light Kit
Code : JCC JC71054