Mirror Demister 36w 400mmx550mm

HeatMat MRH-400-0450 Mirror Demister 36w 400mmx550mm

HEATMAT MRH-400-0450

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HeatMat MRH-400-0450 Mirror Heater  36w 400mmx550mm HEATMAT MRH-400-0450


Heatmat MRH-400-0450
Mirror Demister 400mm x 550mm 36w

Easy to install and use - A cost effective way to keep your mirrors de-misted. Perfect for use in homes and hotels.

- Automatically ensures mirrors are steam free after bathing or showering.
- Uses up to 50% less power consumption than the leading alternative.
- Regularly used in hotels and new build projects.
- Simple to install, and can be wired through the lighting circuit.
- BEAB approved, made in the UK and supplied with a 10 Year Warranty
- When specifying Mirror Heat pads an unheated margin of at least 25mm should be left around the outside of the mirror and between heating pads.