Airflow H51 Centrifugal Fan

Airflow Loovent H51 HT2S Airflow Loovent H51 tolilet bathroom fan with humidity control


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Airflow H51 Centrifugal Fan AID H51


Airflow Loovent H51 (HT2S)
Airflow Loovent H51tolilet / bathroom fan with humidity control

Air Extraction : 111m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 31 L/s
Noise : 58dB(A) at high speed
Noise : 41dB(A) at low speed
Watts : 70W at high speed
Watts : 30W at low speed

- The Airflow H51 is the replacement for the popular Airflow H50 extractor fan
- 100mm Humidivent Fan with an adjustable integral sensor to automatically activate the fan at predetermined humidity levels. This fan provides the perfect solution for areas where steam or heavy condensation is present.

- For laundry rooms, utility rooms, bathrooms and showers, where steam and condensation is a major problem.

Main Features
- Airflow H51 has a two speed operation with switch override, pull cord, boost and adjustable timer
- Pre-set humidity (70% RH) but fully adjustable between 20-80% RH
- Thermally protected motor
- Modular construction allows for easy installation and maintenance
- Auto sensitivity reduces unnecessary fan operation overnight
- Complies with Building Regulations (ADF 2006)
- Can be surface mounted or recessed into walls/ceilings using bezel supplied
- Integral magnetic backdraft flap
- Fixing pack supplied plus a range of optional ventilation accessories available

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